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17 Professional Waxers Shared Their Waxing Horror Stories, And I Am Officially Scarred

"We finished the wax and then off to the delivery room she went!"

Syd Robinson • 21 hours ago

16 Starbucks Name Fails That Are Sooo Wrong They're Right

Apparently, Daniel is spelled D-E-N-I-A-L.

Syd Robinson • One day ago
Syd Robinson • One day ago

14 Dogs Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "These Puppers Are Gooooob"


Syd Robinson • 2 days ago
Syd Robinson • 2 days ago

These Polar Opposite Sisters Are Going Viral On Twitter, And We Have No Choice But To Stan

"Our style only became drastically different when we became adults and started dressing how we truly wanted."

Syd Robinson • 3 days ago
Syd Robinson • 3 days ago
Syd Robinson • 5 days ago

I Figured Out "The Bachelorette" Guys' Star Signs, Because It Needed To Be Done

YES, I creeped the guys' relatives' Instas to figure out their birthdays. WHAT OF IT?!?!?!?!

Syd Robinson • 6 days ago

15 Creatively Repurposed Things That'll Make You Say, "Damn, That's Crafty As Hell"

*chugs bottle of Patron* *turns empty bottle into crafty soap dispenser*

Syd Robinson • 7 days ago

23 Overdone Ideas Wedding Planners Are Sick Of Seeing

"Bouquet tosses have ruined Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' for me."

Syd Robinson • 8 days ago
Syd Robinson • 9 days ago

14 Good Things That Happened This Week That Deserve Infinite Love And Recognition

Click for images of 30+ slugs escaping a slug hospital.

Syd Robinson • 9 days ago
Syd Robinson • 10 days ago
Syd Robinson • 10 days ago

23 Wedding Details That Are So Personal And Soooo Perfect

"My mother was the florist and included hydrangeas from my childhood home in all the arrangements."

Syd Robinson • 10 days ago
Syd Robinson • 10 days ago

Wedding Planners, What Ideas Are Completely Overdone At This Point?

"If I have to organize one more lantern 'wish' ceremony, I swear..."

Syd Robinson • 12 days ago

Dua Lipa Clearly Has A Type, And Honestly, I Have To Stan It

And her type is PIPING HOT, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syd Robinson • 13 days ago

26 Of The Best Dog Posts From This Month — That's It, That's The Post

*immediately incorporates "dogini" into everyday vernacular*

Syd Robinson • 22 days ago