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soro24 • 9 days ago

Your Food Combination Opinions Will Reveal The Color Of Your Aura

Yes, these two things do have a scientific correlation.

soro24 • 10 days ago

Reveal Your Magical Familiar By Answering These "Harry Potter" Questions

Just pray you don't end up getting an evil Animagus.

soro24 • 11 days ago
soro24 • 12 days ago

Eat At Chili's And Find Out Which Character From "The Office" You Are

"I want my baby back, baby back, baby back."

soro24 • 12 days ago

Which Of These Iconic Disney Guys Is The Hottest?

My vote goes to Corbin Bleu HANDS DOWN

soro24 • 24 days ago
soro24 • 25 days ago
soro24 • 25 days ago

Choose Some Desserts And Find Out If You're More Megan Parker Or Carly Shay

"Well I never thought it would be so simple but..."

soro24 • One month ago