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Sarah Han • One day ago

39 Useful Products For Dorm Living That Are Worth The Money

Make the transition into college a slightly smoother one. I promise it's possible.

Sarah Han • 7 days ago

19 Highly-Rated Products From Tarte To Buy During Their Friends & Family Sale

We're talking 25% or 30% off! *brings speakerphone to mouth* Snag your steals now!

Sarah Han • 10 days ago

We Asked Derms To Address Popular Sunscreen Myths And, TBH, This Information Should Be Common Knowledge

Consider this your cheat sheet to all things related to sun protection!

Sarah Han • 14 days ago

K-Pop Group Seventeen Showed Off All Of Their Charms During A Game Of "Who's Who"

Hoshi/everyone: "It's Mingyu Day!" Mingyu: "I'm so tired."

Sarah Han • 16 days ago

27 Comfy Pieces Of Clothing From Walmart That'll Make It Hard To Ever Leave Home

You don't really need an excuse to cancel plans, but comfy clothes sweeten the deal.

Sarah Han • 19 days ago

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Is Happening And These 24 Beauty Deals Are Calling Your Name

Stock up on your beauty necessities before the sale goes bye-bye for another year!

Sarah Han • 23 days ago

Here Are The Best Deals From Macy's Big Extra 20% Off Sale

Shop Macy's Super Weekend Sale and get ~FREE~ Shipping with orders over $49 with code WKND!

Sarah Han • 27 days ago

27 Beauty Products For An Instant Face Pick-Me-Up

From tired and dull to dewy and fresh...with no downtime!

Sarah Han • One month ago

I Tried Frank And Oak's Style Plan And Will Never Pick Out My Own Clothes Again

My style preference? Having more stylish people help me choose what to wear.

Sarah Han • One month ago

31 Products That'll Make You Sing, "Oh My My My, I've Waited All My Life"

"You got me high so fast." —you singing to these products

Sarah Han • One month ago

These Under-$30 Bluetooth Earbuds Deliver The Best Sound (Without Breaking The Bank)

They fit great, deliver clear sound quality, and have a short wrap-around cord and magnetic ends — and they're under $30!!

Sarah Han • One month ago
Sarah Han • One month ago

17 Travel Bags That Aren't A Pain In The Butt To Carry

We're talking super lightweight, easy-to-use, and spacious suitcases, bags/totes, and backpacks, 'cause annoying luggage is the last thing you need to worry about!

Sarah Han • One month ago
Sarah Han • One month ago

Jake Gyllenhaal Singing Blackpink's "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" Is Honestly So Pure And Relatable

"I have something in common with Jake Gyllenhaal." —every K-pop fan right now

Sarah Han • One month ago

23 New Beauty Products You Need To Try ASAP

♫ And, baby, you know it's obvious / I'm a sucker for you ♫ —you singing to these products

Sarah Han • One month ago
Sarah Han • 2 months ago

27 Cute Pieces Of Clothing From Walmart If Your Aesthetic Is Black, Black, And More Black

Wearing black is a lifestyle and Walmart truly has OPTIONS.

Sarah Han • 2 months ago