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There’s No One To Root For In The James Charles Beauty YouTuber Drama

Vlogger Tati Westbrook is reaping the rewards of canceling her former friend James Charles — and cynically invoking anti-gay stereotypes to make her case.

Pier Dominguez • 10 days ago

This New Documentary Shows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Before She Was AOC

The Netflix documentary Knock Down the House revolves around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which is its main selling point — but also a limitation.

Pier Dominguez • 22 days ago

Wendy Williams’ Divorce Drama Has Put Her In The Hot Seat

The longtime talk show host has become the kind of scandal-plagued celebrity she usually gossips about on her program.

Pier Dominguez • 26 days ago

Why The Jonas Brothers' Comeback Is Working

Years after Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas first conquered tween hearts, they’re the first boy band to reach No. 1 in almost two decades. What’s changed?

Pier Dominguez • One month ago

"Dirty John" And "Escape At Dannemora" Strain The Limits Of Prestige True Crime

In the scramble to extract big meaning (and meaty roles) from true crime stories, scripted series like Dirty John and Escape at Dannemora may make them less interesting.

Pier Dominguez • 4 months ago

How Becky G Relaunched Her Music Career — In Spanish

After a “lonely” start in the music industry as a teenage one-hit wonder, Becky G is riding the new wave of women in reggaeton as Latin pop takes over YouTube.

Pier Dominguez • 5 months ago

The Teen Rom-Com Was Reborn In 2018

This year’s breakout teen movies, like To All the Boys I've Loved Before and Love, Simon, reglamorized old tropes for a new audience.

Pier Dominguez • 5 months ago

Men Murder Women All The Time. So Why Are People Obsessed With Chris Watts?

More than half of all murdered women are killed by intimate partners. So why do stories about Scott Peterson and Chris Watts become national talking points?

Pier Dominguez • 6 months ago

"Bohemian Rhapsody" Sells A Sanitized Vision Of Freddie Mercury

In trying to tell Mercury’s queer story through his straight bandmates’ eyes, the new Queen biopic ends up saying almost nothing at all.

Pier Dominguez • 6 months ago

Taylor Swift Is Still Catching Up To The Political Conversation

Swift’s statement about the midterm elections has come at a moment when her political silence was becoming more costly to her than any potential backlash.

Pier Dominguez • 7 months ago

“A Star Is Born” Has Solved Lady Gaga’s Musical Identity Crisis

Lady Gaga is the kind of multifaceted pop star A Star Is Born doesn’t quite know how to portray, but her talent both brings Ally to life and proves that Gaga’s star is still rising. (Spoilers for the movie).

Pier Dominguez • 7 months ago

Troye Sivan’s New Era (And Bottoming Anthem) Are What Pop Needs

Exploring sex, gender, and desire in his new album, Bloom, Sivan has staged an unprecedented kind of queer coming-of-age as a pop star.

Pier Dominguez • 8 months ago

Bethenny Frankel Keeps Beating Reality TV’s Game

As reality television demands more and more drama, the Real Housewives of New York cast member remains one of the most compelling and controversial characters in the genre.

Pier Dominguez • 8 months ago

In Stories About Fashion’s Behind-The-Scenes Icons, Should Sexuality Matter?

New films about Alexander McQueen, André Leon Talley, and Kevyn Aucoin raise complex questions about how their identities have shaped their work and lives.

Pier Dominguez • 9 months ago

Why “The Bachelorette” Is So Much Fun To Watch

By showcasing the pettiest instincts and deepest insecurities of its suitors, The Bachelorette offers a fascinating commentary on contemporary masculinity.

Pier Dominguez • 9 months ago

Ariana Grande Keeps Finding Her Lane

Grande has discovered her sweet spot in a landscape littered with other pop stars whose attempts to stay relevant have hit the wrong note.

Pier Dominguez • 10 months ago

In The New Whitney Houston Documentary, We See Her Family More Clearly

Whitney offers a more complex portrait of the family that both aided Houston's rise and contributed to her downfall.

Pier Dominguez • 10 months ago

Why Are We Obsessed With Mothers Accused Of Murder?

New series that reexamine the cases of Casey Anthony and Darlie Routier raise questions about their trials, and about our fascination with the bad moms of true crime.

Pier Dominguez • 11 months ago

How "Forever Your Girl" Made Paula Abdul The Original Britney

Thirty years ago, Abdul’s debut album sparked her brief reign as the dancing, MTV-dominating princess of pop. Today, it’s worth another listen.

Pier Dominguez • 11 months ago

Ryan Murphy’s New Show Is The Queer Fairy Tale We Needed On TV

Pose, rooted in the drag ball culture of '80s Harlem, tells intersectional stories that highlight how limited most mainstream television still is.

Pier Dominguez • 11 months ago