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Mike Spohr 6 hours ago

17 Hilarious Parents' Devastating Insults And Comebacks

No one can zing you quite like your mom and dad.

Mike Spohr 15 hours ago

29 Rare And Original Baby Names That Are Totally Delightful

These parents really went for it when naming their kids.

Mike Spohr 17 hours ago

Jimmy Fallon Answers Impossibly Hard "Would You Rather" Parenting Questions

Would you rather only be able to discipline your kids using your Barry Gibb voice or your Mick Jagger voice?

Mike Spohr One day ago

17 Cringeworthy Moments Parents Have Been Unlucky Enough To Experience

All parents need a vacation, but these really do.

Mike Spohr One day ago
Mike Spohr One day ago
Mike Spohr 2 days ago
Mike Spohr 5 days ago

17 Tweets About Parenting Advice That Are Hilarious If You Have Kids

"Unsolicited parenting advice? Yes, please!"

Mike Spohr 10 days ago

21 Halloween Tweets From 2019 That Are Going Viral

It's Halloween all month, people.

Mike Spohr 11 days ago
Mike Spohr 12 days ago

23 Nieces And Nephews Who Are As Hilarious As They Are Cute

Aunts and uncles everywhere: "Who are these little people?"

Mike Spohr 16 days ago

17 Customers Who Were Overly Entitled, Spoiled, Or Just Plain Unlikable

Reading this will make you want to quit your job.

Mike Spohr 17 days ago

17 Halloween Tweets From 2019 That Have Gone Viral (So Far)

It's officially Halloween Month, y'all.

Mike Spohr 18 days ago
Mike Spohr 20 days ago

21 People Share The Funniest Things They've Ever Heard A Kid Say

"My name is Michael and at home I poop a lot.”

Mike Spohr 23 days ago

27 Women Get Brutally Real About What Men Need To Know About Raising Daughters

"If we're avoiding a male relative's house, take the hint! Don't force us to go."

Mike Spohr 23 days ago

21 Kids Who Are Living In The Future While The Rest Of Us Are Trying To Catch Up

🎵 "I believe the children are our future..." 🎵

Mike Spohr 25 days ago

21 Hilarious Memes And Tweets About The Awkward Moments We All Hate

You didn't chose the awkward life, the awkward life chose you.

Mike Spohr 25 days ago

17 Ridiculously Spoiled Things People Said That Made My Jaw Drop

The rich kid in my class said, "How do poor people exist? Like, just work harder.'"

Mike Spohr 25 days ago