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Two Morehouse College Students Said A Male Staffer Sexually Harassed Them, Prompting An Investigation

“He would pinch on my cheeks, hug me, do things that made me uncomfortable,” one of the students told BuzzFeed News in his first media interview.

Michael Blackmon • 3 days ago

“Chernobyl” Star Jared Harris Urged Instagrammers Who Visit The Disaster Site To Be Careful

“I would just caution them to be careful because they seem to be posing on certain things that are potentially dangerous,” Harris told BuzzFeed News.

Michael Blackmon • 5 days ago

Here Are The 2019 Emmy Nominees

HBO's Game of Thrones racked up an impressive 32 nominations, the most for a show in a single season.

Michael Blackmon • 5 days ago

Shailene Woodley Revealed An Interesting Spoiler About The Season Finale Of "Big Little Lies"

Woodley said HBO allowed her to disclose a juicy detail about the final episode. This post contains spoilers!

Michael Blackmon • 6 days ago

Scarlett Johansson Defended Her Controversial Casting Comments By Saying She Was "Edited For Click Bait"

"An interview that was recently published has been edited for click bait and is widely taken out of context," Johansson said in a statement.

Michael Blackmon • 7 days ago

Cardi B Defended Women Rappers After Mariah Carey Producer Jermaine Dupri Slammed “Strippers Rapping”

“It seems like that’s what people wanna hear,” responded Cardi.

Michael Blackmon • 10 days ago

Some Of The First Reviews Of “The Lion King” Are...Oh, Dear

One reviewer described the new film as a “soulless chimera of a film [that] comes off as little more than a glorified tech demo from a greedy conglomerate.”

Michael Blackmon • 10 days ago

"Friends" Will No Longer Be Available On Netflix Starting In 2020

The show will instead be featured on WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming service, HBO Max.

Michael Blackmon • 12 days ago

Ariana Grande Got Candid About The Death Of Mac Miller And Her Breakup With Pete Davidson

“People don’t see any of the real stuff that happens, so they are loud about what they think happened,” the singer told Vogue magazine.

Michael Blackmon • 13 days ago

Natalia Dyer Weighed In On That Big Coming-Out Moment In Season 3 Of "Stranger Things"

Dyer said Season 3 "feels like a really good season for saying things and for giving women strong roles."

Michael Blackmon • 13 days ago
Michael Blackmon • 14 days ago

Halle Bailey Has Officially Been Cast As Ariel In Disney's Live-Action "Little Mermaid" Remake

Bailey posted a photo of a melanin-rich Ariel from the Chloe x Halle Twitter account with the caption "Dream come true."

Michael Blackmon • 18 days ago

WNBA Player Sue Bird Defended Her Girlfriend Megan Rapinoe After Trump Came After The Soccer Star

“She’s going to do her thing, at her own damn speed, to her own damn rhythm, and she’s going to apologize to exactly NO ONE for it.”

Michael Blackmon • 20 days ago

A High School Valedictorian Was Met With Cheers After Coming Out As Bisexual During His Graduation Speech

"I realized that if I didn’t include the part of me that should be proud of who I am, it would be hypocritical if I asked anyone else to," Mason Bleu told BuzzFeed News.

Michael Blackmon • 20 days ago

Laverne Cox Opened Up On The Epidemic Of Black Trans Women Being Murdered In The US

“Your attraction to me as a trans woman is not a reason to kill me,” Cox told BuzzFeed News.

Michael Blackmon • 24 days ago

Olivia Munn Said Redemption Is Possible For Men In The Era Of #MeToo, But It Needs To Be Earned

“There are these certain men who, when they mess up they kind of go, ‘Oops, sorry, my bad,’ and then just resume their place in line,” Munn told BuzzFeed News.

Michael Blackmon • 24 days ago
Michael Blackmon • 26 days ago

Keith Raniere, The Founder Of The Alleged Sex Cult NXIVM, Has Been Found Guilty On All Charges

Several victims testified in graphic detail about incidents in which Raniere coerced them into performing sexual acts.

Michael Blackmon • One month ago

Lee Daniels Was “Beyond Embarrassed” After Supporting Jussie Smollett But Still Has Doubts

“We weren’t there. I can’t judge him,” Daniels said when asked about the former Empire star.

Michael Blackmon • One month ago

A Woman Said Allison Mack Told Her Seducing The NXIVM “Cult” Founder Would Heal Her Sexual Abuse Trauma

“Internally, I was just like, you fucking bitch,” the woman said, adding that at that moment she realized, “I needed to get the fuck out of there.”

Michael Blackmon • One month ago