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The Dumbest Phone In The World Is Maybe Genius — For Parents

Gabb is the only smartphone with no browser, no apps, no email. Is this heaven, or is it made for 11-year-olds?

Katie Notopoulos 8 days ago

Angry Parents Are Demanding Refunds For YouTube Star Blippi’s Live Show

The popular kids entertainer, previously involved in a poop video scandal, is launching a live show tour using an impersonator.

Katie Notopoulos 13 days ago

Horny People, You’re Free: Instagram’s Following Tab Is Gone

No longer can you cringe while seeing your friends' or coworkers' thirsty late-night likes.

Katie Notopoulos 15 days ago

"Threads" Is The New Messaging App From Instagram

The new standalone app allows you to send photos to your close friends list.

Katie Notopoulos 19 days ago

Burt's Bush And XXXTentacion's Death: Why Facebook Moderators Fail

Muddled communications from Facebook and a barrage of constant updates make low-paid outsourced moderators’ jobs impossible.

Katie Notopoulos 29 days ago

Jonathan Van Ness Revealed He Is HIV-Positive

In an interview with the New York Times about his upcoming memoir, Over The Top, he said that he is healthy and a proud “member of the beautiful HIV-positive community.”

Katie Notopoulos One month ago

These Brave Tech Workers Were Locked Out Of A WeWork Office By An Umbrella

“The umbrella has turned our office into an unmanned panic room.”

Katie Notopoulos One month ago

The New iPhone Is Triggering People's Fear Of Small Holes

WARNING: Do not look at this if you get squicked out by images of small holes.

Katie Notopoulos One month ago

Juul Is Giving Its Customer Data To Its PR Firm

User data from people who ordered pods from its website is being passed to a political PR agency to help fight state regulations.

Katie Notopoulos One month ago

Baby Boomers Can’t Stop Sharing Photos Of Their Grandkids. Millennial Parents Aren’t Happy.

Parents who choose not to post photos of their kids on social media struggle when Facebook-happy older relatives break the rules.

Katie Notopoulos 2 months ago

Facebook Will Now Show You How To Opt Out Of Targeted Ads

The new tool tells you how an ad was targeted and which third-party agency or data broker was used. It also links to pages to opt out.

Katie Notopoulos 3 months ago

Millennials Are Finally Getting The Giant Roll Of Toilet Paper They Deserve

God said toilet paper should be normal size. Charmin laughed.

Katie Notopoulos 3 months ago

Amazon Refused To Scan My (Almost) Nude Body

I’ve only dreamed of two things: $25 and Jeff Bezos seeing my near-nudes.

Katie Notopoulos 4 months ago

iTunes Will Soon Be Dead. Long Live iTunes.

Apple’s confusing one-stop shop for music/podcast/sync on desktop is finally becoming Podcasts, Music, and TV.

Katie Notopoulos 4 months ago

Here’s Why Authors All Tweet An Ugly Screenshot From The Same Websites

Hard-to-read screenshots of paywalled book industry websites dominate Literary Twitter.

Katie Notopoulos 5 months ago

Google Has A Secret Page That Records All The Things You've Bought Online

Gmail's "Purchases" page collects and sorts out all of your online shopping and in-app purchase receipts.

Katie Notopoulos 5 months ago

We Talked To Parents Who Mooch Their Kids' Netflix Logins

Only fair, I suppose, considering they gave you life and raised you and all.

Katie Notopoulos 5 months ago

Instagram Will Use AI To Filter Anti-Vax Content

The company plans to police anti-vaccine misinformation by flagging it with pop-ups similar to those it uses for content related to self-harm.

Katie Notopoulos 5 months ago

Friendzoners Rejoice, Facebook Is Helping You Date Your Friends

“Secret Crush” will let you pick a Facebook friend you like, and if they like you back, you’ll be notified.

Katie Notopoulos 5 months ago

I Love Facebook’s Video Chatting Device Because I’m Drunk On Dumb Bitch Juice

I set up the critically reviled device in the BuzzFeed office and every one was utterly, truly delighted with it.

Katie Notopoulos 5 months ago