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Rick Perry, The Man In Charge Of American Nuclear Weapons, Fell For An Instagram Hoax

"I’d like to introduce you to a Nigerian prince," read one comment from an Instagram user mocking the energy secretary for being gullible.

David Mack • 10 hours ago

A Florida Man Met Another Guy On A Eunuch Fetish Site Then Castrated Him, Police Say

The 74-year-old man was arrested Monday and charged with the second-degree felony of practicing medicine without a license resulting in bodily injury.

David Mack • One day ago

This 17-Year-Old's Insanely Viral TikTok Of Her Cat Is Taking Over The Internet

Set to the 1954 song "Mr. Sandman" by the barbershop group the Chordettes, the 12-second video has taken the internet by storm.

David Mack • 3 days ago

A News Anchor And A Pilot Were Killed In A Plane Crash While Filming A TV Segment

Nancy Parker's colleagues in New Orleans remembered her as an Emmy Award–winning reporter who worked for 23 years at the network.

David Mack • 4 days ago

Racist Iowa Rep. Steve King Asked If There'd "Be Any Population Left" Without Rape And Incest

Democratic presidential hopefuls have called on King to resign for Wednesday's comment.

David Mack • 7 days ago

The Women In The "Christian Girl Autumn" Meme Want You To Know Something

“I think people realized that not all white girls who love fall fashion and pumpkin spice are what we’re all categorized to look like.”

David Mack • 8 days ago

A Shooting At A Norway Mosque That Injured One Is Being Investigated As Terrorism

Police in Oslo say they've detained a young white man in his twenties.

David Mack • 11 days ago

Universal Won't Release "The Hunt" Movie After Backlash From Trump And Fox News

The movie, starring Oscar-winner Hilary Swank, tells the story of a group of people from conservative states being hunted by wealthy liberals.

David Mack • 11 days ago

Epstein's Victims Still Want Justice Despite His Apparent Suicide In Jail

"Epstein is gone, but justice must still be served."

Jane Lytvynenko • 11 days ago

Disgraced Financier And Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself In Jail

Epstein was arrested last month and accused of running a sex trafficking operation in which he allegedly sexually abused dozens of underage girls, some as young as 14.

David Mack • 11 days ago

The El Paso Shooting Suspect Admitted To Targeting “Mexicans,” According To Police

“I’m the shooter,” he allegedly confessed to police after the attack.

David Mack • 12 days ago

Two Canadian Teens Who Went On The Run After Murdering 3 People Died By Suicide, Police Say

Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky were wanted in connection with the deaths of a US woman, her Australian boyfriend, and a Canadian botanist.

David Mack • 14 days ago

Vanessa Kirby Revealed When She Suspected Helena Bonham Carter Might Replace Her On "The Crown"

Kirby also opened up to BuzzFeed News about her new friendship with her Hobbs & Shaw costar Idris Elba.

David Mack • 15 days ago

Tell Us: What’s The Craziest Thing That Happened To You After Taking A DNA Test?

As BuzzFeed News continues to cover this growing trend, we want to know if you are sitting on our next big story without even realizing it.

David Mack • 29 days ago
David Mack • One month ago

Samantha Bee Opened Up About "The Daily Show" Hosting Gig Going To Trevor Noah

Bee told BuzzFeed News that Comedy Central "didn’t have a super great track record at the time of looking within their own talent pool and figuring out who to bring forward."

David Mack • One month ago
David Mack • One month ago

The Emmy For Best Comedy Actress Is Insanely Competitive This Year And Fans Are Shaking

It's impossible to choose among these women, but choose we must. Vote here.

David Mack • One month ago

Police Say A Man Stole A Car With Kids In It And Then Was Beaten To Death By Their Dad And Bystanders

The kids' parents have been questioned by police, who are also studying surveillance footage to track down others involved in the beating.

David Mack • One month ago

A Florida Woman Allegedly Peed, Spat, And Wiped Her Toilet Hands In A Store's Ice Cream

"I guess she didn't like that we were getting popular," said the owner of the ice cream shop, which is next to the woman's business.

David Mack • One month ago