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Dwayne Johnson Just Casually Announced That He Got Married Over The Weekend

Johnson tied the knot with longtime partner Lauren Hashian in an oceanside ceremony in Hawaii on Sunday.

Ben Henry • 2 days ago

Kim Kardashian Said She Would Do Anything For Paris Hilton Because "She Gave Me A Career"

"I really would wanna do anything for her. She literally gave me a career and I totally acknowledge that."

Ben Henry • 2 days ago

The Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Feud Might Not Be Over After All And Things Are Getting Messy

Just when you thought the drama was over, the two rappers appeared to take some pretty savage jabs at each other.

Ben Henry • 6 days ago

Bella Thorne Was Meant To Direct A Christmas Movie But Ended Up Directing A Porn Movie Instead

Bella has joined forces with Pornhub for her directorial debut, Her & Him.

Ben Henry • 7 days ago

Bebe Rexha Called Out Double Standards After A Man Told Her She Was "Too Old To Be Sexy"

Rexha's candid Instagram post about the double standards of age clocked up almost 2 million likes and drew support from stars such as Taylor Swift.

Ben Henry • 8 days ago

Tana Mongeau Called Out The Teen Choice Awards And MTV After Jokes About Her "Pretend Marriage" To Jake Paul

"Jake Paul over here would be pissed, and that could stress out his pretend marriage, leading to a fake divorce from his not-wife."

Ben Henry • 8 days ago

Priyanka Chopra Was Accused Of "Encouraging Nuclear War" During A Q&A And This Was Her Response

"It was kinda hard hearing you talk about humanity because, as your neighbour, a Pakistani, I know you're a bit of a hypocrite."

Ben Henry • 9 days ago

Kristen Bell Told The Story Of How Dax Shepard Embarrassed Her In Front Of Beyoncé And Jay-Z

Kristen was left facepalming while Dax "talked Jay-Z's ear off" and recited his own lyrics to his face.

Ben Henry • 12 days ago

Anne Hathaway Showed Off Her Baby Bump On The Red Carpet

Anne made her first red carpet appearance since announcing her pregnancy last month for the Broadway opening of Jake Gyllenhaal's play, Sea Wall/A Life.

Ben Henry • 12 days ago
Ben Henry • 13 days ago

Tom Holland's Dad Wrote A Book About How He's More Famous Than Him And People Are Calling Him Bitter

"Tom Holland's dad wrote a bitter ass book about his son getting more famous than him."

Ben Henry • 13 days ago

Gwendoline Christie Revealed The Reason Behind Submitting Herself For An Emmy Nomination

The Game of Thrones star, who played Ser Brienne of Tarth, not only submitted herself for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series but also secured the nomination.

Ben Henry • 14 days ago

Jason Momoa Found An Alternative Use For His Dadbod — A Billboard To Spread An Important Message

After being asked about body-shaming comments, Jason decided to flip the script and use the negativity for good.

Ben Henry • 15 days ago

It Appears Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson Are NOT Married And I'm Sad

A source confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the couple are not "legally" married.

Ben Henry • 16 days ago

A New Clip Of Kim Kardashian Getting Ready For The Met Gala Has Just Been Posted And Lord Have Mercy, It's A Lot

"Dear God, please help Kim to breathe and be calm and to look her absolute most gorgeous."

Ben Henry • 16 days ago

Jessica Simpson Is Being Called Out For Dyeing Her Daughter's Hair But Pink Isn't Having It

"I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven year old get her hair colored."

Ben Henry • 19 days ago

Ariana Grande Released Her New Song "Boyfriend" And Here's What You Need To Know

Ariana is back with a brand new single featuring Social House and it's a bop.

Ben Henry • 19 days ago

Noah Centineo Was Just Body-Shamed On Instagram After He Posted A Topless Picture

Negative comments about Centineo's body come days after Aquaman actor Jason Momoa was subjected to similar criticism.

Ben Henry • 20 days ago

Chris Hemsworth Revealed How He Transformed Into "Fat Thor" And It's A Lot

"Being able to do this new version of Thor, it's hugely liberating and fun."

Ben Henry • 21 days ago

Cardi B Just Wrote A Message To Her Fans After Cancelling A Show Due To Concerns For Her Safety

Cardi had already completed her soundcheck and had begun getting ready for the show when a security threat forced her to pull the plug.

Ben Henry • 21 days ago