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19 Dads Who Hilariously Blew It During Their Partner's Childbirth

My husband said, 'Wow, this isn't so bad. It's just like a sow giving birth."

Asia McLain • One day ago
Asia McLain • One day ago
Asia McLain • One day ago

17 Teachers Share The Craziest Things That Happened On School Trips, And You Will Go, "OMG, Seriously?!"

"One of the kids tried to buy weed from a guy in an alley. He was an undercover cop."

Asia McLain • 2 days ago

15 Kids Who Are Unapologetic Geniuses

Ingenuity is their first, middle and last name.

Asia McLain • 3 days ago

23 Husband Fails That Happened, Of Course, While Their Wives Were Giving Birth

"The doctor held up my placenta, and my husband said, 'Cool, we can make fajitas with that!'"

Asia McLain • 8 days ago

Show Us A Photo That Proves You Look Just Like Your Dad!

Sometimes the resemblance is uncanny.

Asia McLain • 9 days ago
Asia McLain • 12 days ago

15 Moms Who Are Totally Unapologetic Geniuses

They have more creativity in their pinkies than you do in your whole body.

Asia McLain • 12 days ago
Asia McLain • 12 days ago
Asia McLain • 15 days ago

Tell Us About Your Husband Or Partner's Delivery Room Fail

Forgive them, ladies — they know not what they do.

Asia McLain • 16 days ago

Moms Are Sharing What They REALLY Want For Mother's Day, And They Are Hilarious, Heartbreaking, And Real

"I want to go to Target alone, get Starbucks, and live my best basic bitch life for two hours."

Asia McLain • 17 days ago
Asia McLain • 17 days ago

Meghan Markle Didn't Hide Her Post-Baby Bump And Moms Are Like, "Yaaaas, Girl!"

"This is how 99% of women look after birth, and she is helping normalize it."

Asia McLain • 18 days ago

Here Are 21 More Ways Couples Totally Made Their Weddings Their Own

"I chose to have my mom walk me down the aisle instead of my dad."

Asia McLain • 21 days ago

25 Totally Real Things That People Say Feel Just As Good As Having Sex

"Picking a booger that feels like it's attached to your brain stem."

Asia McLain • 25 days ago
Asia McLain • 25 days ago

33 Brides Who Broke Traditional Wedding Rules In The Coolest Ways Ever

"I'm not a big fan of cake, so we had pie instead."

Asia McLain • 26 days ago

16 People Who Did Hilariously Stupid Things As Kids They Knew They Were Dead For

"I snuck my drunk boyfriend into the house and he went into my parents' bedroom and passed out right next to their bed."

Asia McLain • 26 days ago