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This Floating Tent Is Frickin' Scary And Twitter Is Mocking It Pretty Hard

"WILSOONNNNNN!" —you, waking up after sleeping in this floating tent

Andy Golder • One day ago
Andy Golder • 2 days ago
Andy Golder • 3 days ago
Andy Golder • 3 days ago

Here Are 12 Slightly Annoying Photos With 12 Satisfying Fixes

First you'll be like "AARGH!" But then you'll be like "Ahhhh, nice."

Andy Golder • 4 days ago
Andy Golder • 5 days ago

13 Stories From Tumblr That Are Hilarious, Heartwarming, Or A Total Plot Twist

"I can now add, 'Yelled at by two priests at once,' to my list of accomplishments."

Andy Golder • 6 days ago

What's A Disney Plot Hole Or Movie Mistake That Always Bothers You?

Why didn't Ariel just WRITE to Prince Eric???

Andy Golder • 8 days ago

19 Things That Aged Very, Very Poorly

"If you ever feel ignored, just remember that Mary Kate and Ashley have another sister named Elizabeth."

Andy Golder • 8 days ago

Play This "Most Likely" Disney Princess Game And We'll Tell You Which Unofficial Princess You Are

Most likely to cry in the bathroom on her birthday: Ariel or Belle?

Andy Golder • 10 days ago
Andy Golder • 11 days ago

24 People Who Realized Their Mistake Juuuuuust A Second Too Late

If you've ever fallen for "updog," this one's for you.

Alex Naidus • 11 days ago

Can You Recognize Movie Plots When They're Described As Relationship Advice Posts?

"My (22 F) boyfriend (22 M) dumped me so I decided to become a lawyer."

Andy Golder • 13 days ago

Do You Know What Flavor These Red Candies Are Supposed To Be?

What flavor is a red Starburst, actually?

Andy Golder • 14 days ago

Here They Are, The Best And Funniest Feral Hog Tweets

Everything changed when the 30–50 feral hogs attacked.

Andy Golder • 15 days ago

17 Hilarious Posts That Prove There Are Always Two Types Of People

I just wanna say up front: Both types are valid.

Andy Golder • 16 days ago
Andy Golder • 16 days ago

17 Tweets About Trader Joe's Cashiers That Are Very, Very True

"Name one mental health professional that could teach me as much about emotional intimacy as a Trader Joe’s cashier."

Andy Golder • 17 days ago

You Probably Need To Be Gen Z In Order To Get All These Jokes

If you read the name "Adam" and hear it in a very specific tone of voice, this post is for you.

Andy Golder • 17 days ago

16 Gender-Neutral Greetings That Are As Useful As They Are Hilarious

"What's up rat bastards" is the new "Hey y'all."

Andy Golder • 19 days ago